Dark was a game that I made over four months in 2009. It contains an advanced 2D vector-based soft-shadow renderer. In this article I will describe how the shadow renderer works and how I optimised it.

Rather than a video, this DevLog is a long blog post about the networking.

What would a game about ninjas be without a Ninja Rope.

Backwards reconciliation (lag compensation). And showing off some features from previous episodes, working in the graphing tool.

A very quick episode this week where I talk about replicated events (like explosions).

Today I show off the now-working “slow prediction” that I originally described last episode. Also, for the first time, two players running around at the same time!

This week I take a look at the initial work on predicting projectiles on the client.

Quick episode this week. I’ve re-done the player physics stuff, turning the player from a diamond into a hovering rectangle.

Do I sound tired this week? I discuss Indie Game: The Movie and revisit Steam Greenlight. Then I show off some visualisation tools and rendering technology I’ve been working on – instead of the game itself, because I’m tired.