I’m very pleased to announce an update to my first Rack Extension: Double Dry/Wet.

Version 2.0 adds two new features: Delay Compensation and CV control. The latter of which I am incredibly excited about!

Delay compensation fixes a design oversight in the original device. I’ve written a more extensive write-up about it here. The short version is this: if you form a signal loop – which the primary way to use Double Dry/Wet – you introduce a delay between the output and input sides of that loop.

This causes an unwanted comb filter effect. Now you can get rid of it by hitting the “delay compensation” button on the back panel.

CV control has been sitting in my “todo” list since the initial release, as something I’d add eventually, when the opportunity arose.

Now that I’ve added it: I should never have waited!

Having CV control has been a complete revelation! It takes Double Dry/Wet from an intuitive-yet-static signal mixer, to a modulation powerhouse. The sounds you can make, by dynamically switching between two effect chains, are wild! Hook it up to a LFO or an ASDR envelope, and you will not be disappointed.

I am going to be having fun playing with this for a long time, and I really recommend that you try it out.