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My second technical DevLog for River City Ransom: Underground.

In this episode, I talk about the algorithm that underlies the networking in RCRU.

Unlike Stick Ninjas, which uses the kind of networking system you’d see in a first-person shooter, RCRU has a P2P system. It is similar to lock-step networking – but instead of having to wait to receive inputs, it can just go ahead and guess those inputs, and then rollback and recalculate if it guessed incorrectly.

I’ve been helping the folks over at Conatus Creative with River City Ransom: Underground.

I’ve shut down the Kickstarter campaign due to poor performance.

I’ve made a productivity tool called Connect for a Reason. It helps you avoid mindless web surfing. And I’m using Kickstarter to raise the funds to develop my internal prototype into a releasable product.

Removing the physics engine presence enables one-way platforms.

I’m now using the “topmost lines” algorithm that I demonstrated in the last episode to handle player movement.

Just a quick video showing my “topmost lines” algorithm and talking about how it will be used.

Today I take a detailed look at prediction glitches and how they happen.

Worked on server-side lag-buffer to smooth out jitter in the input packet stream.

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