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We’re nearing the completion of River City Ransom: Underground, and preview builds are already in the hands of our Kickstarter backers.

A couple of weeks ago, we released a video showing off some of the combos our backers put together in the preview:

That rockin’ tune you’re hearing is “River City Handsome” by Phillip Morris, Mega Ran, The MC Type, and Toussaint Morrison.

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My second technical DevLog for River City Ransom: Underground.

I’ve been helping the folks over at Conatus Creative with River City Ransom: Underground.

I’ve shut down the Kickstarter campaign due to poor performance.

I’ve made a productivity tool called Connect for a Reason. It helps you avoid mindless web surfing. And I’m using Kickstarter to raise the funds to develop my internal prototype into a releasable product.

Removing the physics engine presence enables one-way platforms.

I’m now using the “topmost lines” algorithm that I demonstrated in the last episode to handle player movement.

Just a quick video showing my “topmost lines” algorithm and talking about how it will be used.

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