First episode in this week’s series of mini DevLogs. Follow along as I integrate my networking and physics prototypes into something that hopefully ends up resembling a game.

Remember that amazing new design direction I had come up with for Stick Ninjas, which I announced excitedly last episode?

I finally figured out what the core mechanic of Stick Ninjas is going to be.

Some technical analysis of the new SimCity game, and some thoughts about the business decisions behind those technical decisions.

After last week’s excitement of getting the game networked using, you know, an actual network, I’m back to figuring out obscure networking bugs. And writing GUI code.

Finally the wait is over! A new DevLog video – with a demonstration of real, actual, proper, working networking – as promised.

Dark was a game that I made over four months in 2009. It contains an advanced 2D vector-based soft-shadow renderer. In this article I will describe how the shadow renderer works and how I optimised it.