Remember that amazing new design direction I had come up with for Stick Ninjas, which I announced excitedly last episode?

It actually turns out that it isn’t fun.


So, in this episode, enjoy nine minutes of my talking head (sorry) explaining why the design doesn’t work. Plus a tiny bit of new gameplay footage – of gameplay I’ll be swiftly deleting. Go me!

No problem. Now I’m back to making a more “hard core” platformer-shooter game.

Also coming up this week: Each day I will be posting a mini-DevLog, documenting my progress as I cobble together my various prototypes into something that will hopefully resemble a playable game! Yay!



5:32 pm, Tuesday 9 July 2013

It’s a shame that they don’t work together.

I had an idea:

When you draw, you “fly” the character, as if his holding a pencil and he’s holding on for dear life and the pen is drawing the shape, then when the shape is done you can click on top of the new object.

That would include the character into the drawing part, but could be abused to an extent.

To sort of, balance that, I’d have the circle be implemented in a was so that if the enemy player comes inside the circle the draw speed is reduced, or the players defense is lowered or something like that ?

Maybe make drawing something you EARN, so you can’t draw too often etc


9:12 pm, Tuesday 9 July 2013

Too bad you have to scrap the drawing aspect, but you could implement it as a game mode where one player is an architect and creates the map on the fly while the other players play it like normal (although stuff might pop up right in front of them!). Could be fun 🙂