Thanks everyone who backed and who talked about Connect for a Reason. I’ve shut down the Kickstarter campaign due to poor performance.

If you’re still interested in seeing Connect for a Reason happen, you can put your email here and I’ll let you know if I attempt another Kickstarter or otherwise try to make it into a releasable product.



The reason for shutting down the Kickstarter was basically this:

Connect for a Reason Kickstarter Chart

Given how clearly it’s going to miss its funding goal, I think it’s best to shut it down now, and then maybe come back to it with a better campaign.

I’ve got a few ideas about why it performed so poorly: poor timing, lack of marketing, not having an existing audience in the subject area, insufficient preparation, and so on.

This is actually not a bad result. The secondary goal of running Connect for a Reason as a Kickstarter was to get a better feel for how Kickstarter operates and what’s involved in Kickstarting a project, should I ever choose to put up a bigger, more important project in the future (eg: Stick Ninjas).

I’m still undecided about whether Connect for a Reason is actually a viable project – if perhaps it could be pulled off with a better Kickstarter campaign, and then continue to sell on its own. If you think it is a good product idea, then sign up for the above mailing list, as the number of sign-ups is one way I’ll be gauging the amount of interest to decide whether to come back to the idea.

Thanks again to everyone who backed the project. You guys are awesome.


Alejandro Martinez-Chacin

3:39 am, Thursday 16 January 2014

I think it is completely viable.
Probably it just needs as you say a more streamlined/massive marketing.
And being something that touches everybody, not only for game designers/artists/programmers, is definitely a plus.


2:29 am, Saturday 17 May 2014

I agree with you and Alejandro. You need to find someone, who will help you sell your idea. You should start with a great looking product (or just a mock-up) that you want to present to people (really, console version?! :D) and then create a catchy video/description which sells it properly 🙂

Keep up the good work! Good luck!