I’m doing a Kickstarter!

I’ve made a productivity tool called Connect for a Reason. It helps you avoid mindless web surfing. And I’m looking for funding to develop my internal prototype into a releasable product.

It works by requiring you to specify a reason, and then wait through a delay, before you can use the Internet. This is an effective way to move the decision into the “long term” planning part of your brain and avoiding procrastination.

There’s a lot more detail on why this works over onĀ the Connect for a Reason Kickstarter page.

I’ll be posting more about productivity, and my productivity system, throughout the one-month Kickstarter campaign.

Any help promoting this would be greatly appreciated. Post it on Facebook or Twitter (or retweet this) and tell your friends!

(If you’re wondering about Stick Ninjas – don’t worry, that’s still on – I’ll be posting more details in the next DevLog.)