You might be wondering: why haven’t I been posting Stick Ninjas DevLog videos lately?

The reason is that I’ve been helping the folks over at Conatus Creative with River City Ransom: Underground.

Specifically I’m helping them with their network code. So when you sit down for some satisfying beat-em’-up action in River City, you won’t have to do it alone. Up to four people will be able to play in peer-to-peer co-op (there’s also local co-op).

Peer-to-peer is a different network model to what I’m using in Stick Ninjas, so that’s an exciting challenge. The peer-to-peer model we’ve gone with means that, on a low-latency connection, you get a game that is extremely responsive – perfect for the beat-em’-up genre.

Here’s me, about to beat-up some input-buffering latency:

Andrew in sprite form

(This fantastic sprite of me is from this announcement on the game’s Kickstarter)

River City Ransom: Underground is an officially licenced sequel to the NES game River City Ransom, originally released in 1989. It was backed on Kickstarter in October last year to the tune of $217 634 CAD.

Visit the River City Ransom website, or follow along on Twitter @RiverCityRansom.