You might remember a few months ago when I first started working on a port of my XNA game to Silverlight – by porting XNA itself. And then later when I did it again for the iPhone. And then I used it to make and release my iPhone game Light Blocks.

Well now I would like to make it open source and available to everyone – and do an Android port as well. In order to do this I am crowd-sourcing the funding for ExEn using RocketHub.

I am seeking $10 000 in funding from the community. And in return I will release ExEn as open source, and make an Android port for everyone to use. Plus every contributor will be getting something from me as well!

All the details of the project are over at RocketHub – go and read them and contribute!

[If you’re browsing my archives, older posts about the development of ExEn are in the “Portability (and Cat Girls!)” category.]