I know I had put them away, but I changed my mind and took a couple of weeks to add more functionality to my Cat Girls demo. This silly little application is what I’m using to test my portability layer that lets me easily port XNA games to Silverlight – and now iPhone!

Here’s the latest Silverlight version:

This content requires Microsoft Silverlight

Install Microsoft Silverlight

In which you can try out the new support for sound and music. Click on it to get funky.

Here’s a screenshot of the iPhone version running in the simulator:

I could post a video, or something, but it looks exactly the same as the Silverlight version, so this will do for now. Once I get my Apple developer account set up I’ll be able to run it on actual hardware – I might post a video of that.

For good measure here is the XNA version for PC. XNA also supports Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7 natively, so porting to those platforms won’t require messing around writing a fancy compatibility layer.


PS: You may remember that Apple had changed their developer agreement in such a way it technically banned exactly what I am doing. I eventually decided to ignore that and do an iPhone port anyway. And then, while I was busy working on this, it seems they changed their mind 🙂

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