My friend Scott came up with this great banner for ExEn:

I’ve still got nothing on Jimbo’s creepy eyes.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to ExEn already and helped me by promoting it!

Big thank you to Miguel de Icaza (of Mono and MonoTouch fame) who got the ball rolling early on (look at all these retweets).

I’ve had a few questions come in about ExEn, which I’ve sent off answers to. What I will do very soon is turn all those answers into a blog post – because I’m sure that other people will have the same questions.

So if you have any questions about ExEn, I’d really like to hear them – so please send me an email.


Steffen Itterheim

11:54 pm, Thursday 23 December 2010

Hi Andrew! I just fueled ExEn with $500. You had me convinced that you can pull it off and that you know your stuff, just by looking at your Stackoverflow ranking.

It’s pure chance that I came across the Rockethub project page, a tweet by @Cocos2DX and the keyword XNA always catches my attention.

I always wished I could use my C#/XNA proficiency for developing on the iPhone. Alas, I had to learn Objective-C and Cocos2D. The outlook to one day be able to write games in true XNA for iPhone & Android is exciting, so I had no hesitation to make a donation.

If the project does go through and work begins, I’ll make some time to help you with coding, testing, documentation, website or marketing – whatever needs to be done to make ExEn successful.

Andrew Russell

1:22 pm, Friday 24 December 2010

Thank you Steffen! I really appreciate your contribution and I’m thrilled to hear that you are interested in helping after the project launches 🙂