Today I show off the now-working “slow prediction” that I originally described last episode. Also, for the first time, two players running around at the same time!

Also my Microsoft MVP Award has been renewed for 2012. I took a photo of my trophy-thinggy last year.

And Stick Ninjas now has a forum! Visit the Stick Ninjas Forum here.


Petr Abdulin

7:08 pm, Tuesday 16 October 2012

Have read your articles about future of XNA (this one and the one referenced in it) I’m curious about why did you choose XNA as a platform to develop the game. Can you share a bit of rationale about this decision?

P.S. Congrats on MVP! šŸ™‚

Andrew Russell

9:51 pm, Tuesday 16 October 2012

Mostly because I have loads of experience working with XNA. I developed ExEn, so I’m well placed to port to any platform if I need to in the future (either through ExEn or directly). But an XNA game is easy to get working immediately, so I can get that selling first, and worry about other platforms later.

Not to mention that XNA is still really, really good at what it does.

Also, I haven’t actually written that much XNA-specific code yet in Stick Ninjas (ignoring maths classes, which I can get from ExEn). So really what I am strongly endorsing here is C#. I would hate to have to go back to C++, that would be hellish.

And: Thanks šŸ™‚ Also good to see discussion in the forum!