Do I sound tired this week? I discuss Indie Game: The Movie and revisit Steam Greenlight. Then I show off some visualisation tools and rendering technology I’ve been working on – instead of the game itself, because I’m tired.


Indie Game: The Movie

Last week’s DevLog 13, where I also talked about Greenlight (the day the $100 fee was announced)

Great discussion on the discussion of the $100 Greenlight fee by Jonas Kyratzes (The Sea Will Claim Everything)

Here’s a distressing example of why an indie game developer might not have $100 by Rob Remakes

Ok, last one: a good analysis of the divisions in the indie community that have been highlighted by the reaction to the Greenlight fee

My DevLog 12, where I show my infinite-resolution line-rendering

Valve’s Improved Alpha-Tested Magnification paper (PDF)


Here’s a demonstration of how the distance field in the Alpha-Tested Magnification paper works (didn’t make it in time for the video). Each dot is a pixel in the underlying image.


Finally, nothing to do with the DevLog, but Black Mesa comes out in 3 days. So, hopefully I still manage to get some work done 😉 I’ve been looking forward to this game for years.