It’s been almost a month since my last blog post, and in that time I’ve been very busy. So let me quickly run through what I’ve been up to:

I’ve got all my paperwork for selling iOS Apps sorted out with Apple. I’ve fixed up a few little things with my block game and I’ve ported it to the iPad (where its high-resolution graphics look oh-so-nice). I’ve titled the game “Light Blocks” and submitted it to Apple, where it is currently pending approval. I’ve also made a fancy Light Blocks web page.

So I’ve gone back to working on Captain Stretchy-Arms. The core game is finished. But there’s a bunch of fiddly user-interface and porting stuff to do. I’d like to do a multi-player version for the Xbox 360 (probably some kind of race mode).

And, of course, it needs to be more pretty. So I’ve been doing some draw-over, and here are the results:

This next one is from the opening cut-scene that I want to do. This should explain how the Captain’s arms get to be so stretchy!

I’ve also slipped a bit of UI in there for music and sound 😉

And finally, a bit of concept art for the opening screen:

Barron von Badass’s monolithic fortress and floating-cube factory. Why does he need all those floating cubes? The world may never know!