At the moment I am spending a lot of time waiting for things to happen to get my Apple App Store account set up so I can submit my block game. So while I wait, here’s the finished-unless-I-change-something version, with music and tighter graphics:

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While I wait I’ve branched off my interoperability framework and am fixing up a few things based on the lessons learned making the block game.

One of those fixes has already been folded back into the block game – that is I’ve reduced the graphics memory footprint from 100MB to about 15MB. Unfortunately I can’t tell the exact amount because there’s a bug in Silverlight which makes the reported memory usage constantly decrease until I’m eventually using a┬ánegative amount of memory!

Other fixes will become useful when I port Captain Stretchy-Arms across.

Music is Statia (ft. J. Lang) by Gurdonark (licensed under CC-BY-3.0).


Bob Kenlar

4:13 am, Saturday 30 October 2010

What has happened to captain strechy-arms?Is it still under developement?

Andrew Russell

12:04 am, Sunday 31 October 2010

Yes! The block game is just a practice run for getting Captain Stretchy-Arms onto Silverlight and the iPhone. I’ll be back to CSA updates very shortly.