Here is a short video of the new ragdoll-based animation for the Captain:

I might give him another art pass. But I think I will do Baron von Badass and the opening cutscene first. Then I can make sure everything fits together nicely.

Iā€™m rather happy now, because that is the last critical piece of functionality done. From this point on everything is just polish šŸ™‚

(Edit: … and porting, and anything else I’ve forgotten.)



10:45 am, Sunday 12 September 2010

Hi ^^ I want to salute you from france (so, excuse-me for my awful english =X).

I’m a 24 too but i’m a new developper.
Very surprised of your work because your game is beautiful, the light effects etc… very very nice.

i have a question if you want to answer me, it could be cool ^^
what language did you use?

I hope that i could make a game like yours soon…

Thanks to red me and i hope you understood me xD.

See you ^^


10:50 am, Sunday 12 September 2010

notice: i talked about Dark game.

I tried CSA too and its engine is great ^^, i really like your job. Don’t give up

Andrew Russell

9:55 pm, Friday 17 September 2010

@SC2Burster: Dark was made using C# and XNA (both free, which is nice). Check out


11:43 pm, Friday 17 September 2010

Thx for the answer ^^

i’m a C# developper and i didn’t know that language could make a game like yours šŸ˜®

i will learn more about XNA.
Thx for the tip !

I hope you will continue to improve your games.
i’ll check your website everyday, waiting some news šŸ™‚