Where I have been is not important. What is important is that I have returned. And I have announcements for you:

First of all, this is my new website. Pretty, huh?

Next, I am officially releasing a version of Dark for PC. You can try out the full game for free, but if you like you should definitely buy a copy. You can also still get Dark for the Xbox 360. If you have never heard of Dark, I encourage you to head over to the Dark page to see a video and read some very positive reviews it has received.

And finally, I want to dive back into game development as quickly as possible, so I am announcing the beginning of a two-week game development project. The game I will be making is titled “Captain Stretchy-Arms” – you may be able to imagine what the core gameplay mechanic will be.

After that, I plan to expand on that core gameplay mechanic to make a larger game. And after that, I want to revisit Dark. At least, that’s the plan…



6:47 pm, Tuesday 22 June 2010

Nice to hear again from you.