For the best experience, I recommend the Xbox 360 version if you can get it.


Dark was my entry in the Dream Build Play 2009 competition. It is an adventure through an abstract and, above all, dark world. Playing through Dark should take between 20 and 40 minutes.

It features physics-based 2D platforming and a dynamic 2D lighting engine.



“Dark is a game that should be experienced and not simply read about on the internet… One of the best XBL Indies I’ve played … the kind of game you’ll want to show your non-gaming friends.” – Pixelated Sausage gave Dark 5 out of 5 sausages!

“No game on [XBLIG] has really lived up to the Indie mentality … Until Dark came out.” – Player 1 Only gave it a score of “9 – Amazing”

“Dark is actually something different and interesting and had me hooked from the start… Dark has an appeal that cannot be matched it is simple and awe-inspiring at the same time.” – Nometet gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

“Dark is a game that just wants you to play it so that you can be a part of it.” – Small Cave Games gave it a B+

“Slight criticism aside, Dark is a confident foray and gentle borderline entrance into art gaming exhibiting a rare mastery of atmosphere through its namesake aesthetic and gorgeous soundtrack.” – In a full review Negative Gamer gave -3 (out of -10, yes they use a negative scoring system)

“It succeeds at being something truely unique and more than justifies the price.” – Indie Game Blog gave it a “Buy” recommendation

“It’s an interesting game and the presentation is totally original compared to anything else I have seen. It is definitely a side step from the norm.” –

“As an interactive work of art, it shined … imagine one of those screensaver apps but instead of being lame, it’s actually kickass” – gave it 8.25/10

“Where this game shines is the lighting … giving it a lot of personality.” – Wasted Seconds gave it 7/10

“This game is definitely something you should pick up and try out.” – SFX360 gave it 7.6 overall

“Compared to other games costing 80 points there is not a great deal, but for the experience of playing it is kinda worth spending the points.” – Emuholic’s Game Blog

“[Dark] takes a fairly standard genre like 2D platforming and then turns it upside down. Or more accurately, it turns off the lights.” – Diehard GameFAN

Round Ups

“For once an artsy game that lives up to the whole ‘game’ thing.” – Negative Gamer gave it 3 out of 3 controller-eating dinosaurs and a “Buy It” recommendation!

“As soon as I was done I started the game right back up again to play through again… An experience everyone should play.” – Gay Gamer placed it in the “Yay” category.

“Very distinctive graphic design … very atmospheric game” – Emuholic’s Game Blog

“Sedate, atmospheric, short adventure platformer.” – xnPlay

Interviews interviewed me

JeJeuJeux, a French website, interviewed me (scroll down for English version) interviewed me immediately after Dream Build Play (this one is slightly out of date and slightly technical)

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