So I ended up spending the previous four days largely away from my computer, which kind of messes with the whole “two week game project” thing.

So what am I going to do? Cheat, of course! (Because I can.)

Whereas this would have normally been Day 7, I am simply going to call it Day 3.

So, today (Day 3), I worked on further improving the arm prototype. I’ve greatly improved the throwing and retracting action. I’ve also added an early attempt at making the arm grab the walls.

You can download this prototype here. Remember to read the readme file to see the prerequisites you need. At the moment they are the same as Dark for PC (XNA 3.1), so if you download that, the Captain Stretchy-Arms prototypes will work.

(No screenshot today, because it looks very similar to the previous one.)

Update (13 May)

Blah. I have possibly picked the worst time ever to attempt a 2-week game development project. I missed four consecutive days (see above) and then yesterday and today got wiped and the possibility of getting any solid work done in the next three days is also up in the air! That’s as many as 9 days gone in a schedule of 14.

Fortunately it’s only a coincidence that so many different things have come up all at once. So what I will do is, as soon as I can, start work again and set the clock to Day 4. See you in a few days!