In this episode I show how we handle moving objects in the physics system. And what we do when moving objects interpenetrate with the scene and with each other.



6:25 pm, Saturday 10 September 2016

Really looking forward to go giving underground a go. RCR has always been a childhood VG nemesis on my part, with it being being a very nostalgic memory with me not ever making any real progress in the game.

Well I recently got to play it – and played through it.. and I gotta say, those crates/tires/oildrums really wore my nerves down, lol


11:47 pm, Monday 12 September 2016

I really wish it wasn’t coming only on steam. Can’t wait to get my hands on RCRU. RCR is one of my favorite games that I still play from time to time in an NES emulator.

Andrew Russell

11:51 pm, Monday 12 September 2016

Which platforms/services are you interested in, judah?