In this video I talk about how we define heightmaps for solid objects by doing different kinds of extrusions on masks.


Hustle Cop

6:04 am, Friday 2 September 2016

LOL. I’ve been looking forward to this, as a way of figuring out what the magic secret was behind creating heightmaps, only to realize there kind of isn’t one. You guys are actually just assigning one or more simulated 3D prisms to objects, and doing the sorting and collision based on that.

Honestly, as hardcore and awesome as this system is, I don’t know if I’ll ever get good enough to let the situation become this complex in a game I’m making. I’d probably take a more primitive approach, giving objects a flat rectangle that constitutes as their “base,” and using variables like “z_position” and “z_height” in tandom with their X and Y position to figure out if they’re colliding.

Of course, I could’nt have objects with complex shapes and collision masks in 3D space like RCR:U, but I’d probably save a lot of money on migraine medication! (;P)