I’m starting a new series of videos on some of the technical features of River City Ransom: Underground.

It’s called “River City Ransom: Underground: Underground” 😉

In this episode I talk about why I’m doing the series, and the fact that it’s heavily inspired by Handmade Hero. I then demonstrate the same sorting features I showed off in my previous blog post.

I’m aiming to upload two episodes per week. Follow me on Twitter or YouTube or here on my blog to get a notification when the next episode is uploaded.


Hustle Cop

3:14 am, Monday 18 July 2016

It looks like Depth Slices on simulated 3D objects are the key to all this, and adding them to every single environmental object in the game sounds like an total pain in the rear.

How do depth slices work, and how do you add them to objects? are they just a series of connected line segments formed through math?

Andrew Russell

9:57 pm, Monday 18 July 2016

Hustle Cop: Yeah, every solid object needs a manually-created Heightmap (Depth Slices are auto-generated from these). I’ll demonstrate how they work in a future episode.