I have put up a new page for ExEn, it’s pretty cool:


I am continuing to accept funding for ExEn, while I am working on the Silverlight, iOS and Android ports. You can purchase pre-release access to ExEn on that page.

In addition, I would still like to do an OS X port of ExEn. The OS X port didn’t get the “over-funding” required in the first round of funding. So I’m now dedicating an entire round of funding to just the OS X port.

If you’re an XNA game developer and want to distribute your games on Mac (I hear they have a fancy new App Store), and the other ExEn platforms, then this is the way to go!

And, if you’re interested in making a portable 3D game with ExEn, then stay tuned: If this round of funding goes well, I am thinking of doing another one to add 3D support to all platforms.



11:36 pm, Friday 8 April 2011

I wonder how to implement code that uses the accelerometer and other sensors of the iphone. Or how to include code of Apples IOS-api.

Andrew Russell

12:13 am, Saturday 9 April 2011

ExEn on iOS uses MonoTouch, which provides pretty much the full set of iOS APIs.


2:58 am, Thursday 21 April 2011

Perhaps it would help to get your next round of funding if we could have a release date where the iOS and Android ports will be opened to the general public?

I am interested in contributing, but would like to see how far away those are from general release.

The pre-release access (if one contributes) is one thing, but I am honestly more interested in when the flood-gates are going to be opened up – so to speak.

Andrew Russell

2:49 pm, Thursday 21 April 2011

Hi JC,

The open source release date for ExEn (for iOS, Android and Silverlight) is scheduled for June 21st.


8:40 pm, Sunday 24 April 2011

Hi Andrew,

I am curious as to if the Android is going to get a pre-release access, and if so when would that approximately be?

Andrew Russell

5:30 pm, Monday 25 April 2011

Hi Will,

Yes, the Android version is part of the current pre-release program for ExEn. I am about a day or two away from starting work on it.


3:41 am, Thursday 12 May 2011

This sounds like an interesting project, is it only for development of XNA and C# games or does this allow users to run XNA/C# games on other platforms? The reason I’m interested is there’s a game coming out that will no doubt be very popular and it’s programed using XNA. There’s a massive Mac Os x fan base for this game that are trying to find a way to run it natively on Os x without running bootcamp or a virtual machine. So I believe there’s money to be made either through the fan base of that game or perhaps the developers would be interested in an easy way to port their game to Mac without having to reprogram it. So for the lengthy comment and thanks for your time!

Andrew Russell

1:17 pm, Thursday 12 May 2011

Hi Garrett,

While ExEn is designed to make it easy for developers to port their games with little or no need to modify their source code, it still requires the developer to recompile their game from source to make it work on ExEn.