The crowd-funded ExEn project has reached its funding goal of $10000! Yay!

If you’d still like to get on-board, you can still contribute to the project. The funding period closes in one week, at which point people who have contributed $100 or more will receive access to the ExEn source code.



11:36 pm, Monday 14 March 2011

Firstly let you know that I’m pretty excited about the possibility of developing with XNA for IOS devices without suffering constant bumps in the road. Also thank you’ve decided to offer it as open source after completion of the project. However, as a $ 50 fueler I am very interested in knowing the estimated date at which you will release the code. My interest, completely selfish, is based on the clause suitable for the type of fuelers like me, where you set that we could access a month before the release date.

Andrew Russell

11:40 am, Tuesday 15 March 2011

Hi Saulo.

The fuelling period ends on the 21st of March, which is when $100+ contributors will receive repository access. Two months later (21st May) $50 contributors will get access. And then one month after that (21st June) I will upload the source code publicly.


6:12 pm, Tuesday 15 March 2011

Hi Andrew.

Thank for your answer. I decided refuelling your project with other $50 yesterday. I guess that fueling it two times with $50 is the same that fueling one time with $100 😉

I have really wanted to do something funny and interesting with XNA and MonoTouch. Now I have to wait for the Great Idea.

See you!


3:38 am, Monday 21 March 2011

Hello Andrew,
Personally I would have liked to fuel $50 as well, I’ve even signed up on RocketHub for it. I wagered they’d at least support PayPal. Well… they don’t. So since I don’t own a credit card that’s where my journey ended. Is there any other way it could work out?

Andrew Russell

1:56 pm, Monday 21 March 2011

Hi Timo,

Seeing as ExEn reached its funding target, it is no longer important that the money goes through RocketHub. You could PayPal me directly. Send me an email and I’ll give you details.