Just a quick entry to point out that I finally got around to updating the feature list. Not much has changed. I’ve implemented one of the features previously listed as “planned”, so that’s been modified.

The other change is a request I got a couple of times – to highlight features that are not implemented currently, that I will be implementing after funding. These are now displayed in a darker shade of green.

Before I did it, I didn’t think that highlighting these was particularly important. After all, when they get implemented won’t affect the fact that they will be implemented in the final product.

But actually it turns out to be quite an interesting viewpoint on the work that needs to be done. As you can see it’s largely just some “data structure stuff” that is relatively easy. This is good – it will leave plenty of time to work on those more interesting “As Requested” features.

If your game depends on features listed “As Requested” in that chart – I would be interested to hear which ones you’re using and how you’re using them, so I can plan out work on ExEn.


By the way – stay tuned for some exciting ExEn-related news in the next couple of days!



6:30 am, Thursday 10 March 2011

Hi! I was wondering if you think using for example Farseer Physics Engine with ExEn on iOS will work without any major complications?

Andrew Russell

5:39 pm, Thursday 10 March 2011

Captain Stretchy-Arms uses Farseer 2.x and runs on iOS. You can see it in action here.

The main problem I had was that the iPhone 3GS lacked the CPU power to resolve a medium number of collisions at once and maintain a steady frame-rate. The iPad was fine, and I suspect an iPhone 4 would be too. There’s probably room for improvement, but I haven’t looked into it much yet (I’ve just reduced the scene complexity for now).

Basically don’t expect your physics performance to port cleanly from PC or Xbox 😉

(There was also an AOT-compilation failure in the Farseer 2.x library, but that’s pretty unusual and not too hard to fix.)

I imagine Farseer 3.x (not based on 2.x) might be a bit better. I’ve not tried it.