Velocity Curve

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Make sweeping changes with the Velocity Curve knob. Or draw in the precise values you want. Velocity Curve is the ultimate velocity manipulation tool.

Velocity Curve is the quickest, easiest way to make velocity changes to notes in your track. Combine with other players, or use on its own as an alternative to hand-editing velocities in the sequencer.

In curve mode, place the endpoints for an adjustable velocity curve. In Draw mode, specify your own transformation for every possible MIDI velocity.

Both modes are display-editable, with a fine-edit mode allowing entry of exact values. In Draw mode you can lock on to individual values, allowing you to input precisely the curve you want. Use Low Cut to mute notes in either mode.

The display is fully animated, showing both input and output velocities as notes are played.

On the back are Curve and Scale inputs that allow you to modulate velocities using CV, for a striking musical effect.