Dual CV Source

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Everything you could ever want to do to modulate a CV signal, packed into a single 1U device!

The design goal for Dual CV Source is to give you everything you could possibly want to do with a CV signal – that isn’t an LFO or Envelope (well handled by Reason’s built-in Pulsar device) – and pack it all into an easy-to-use 1U device.

Use Dual CV Source as a…

  • Static CV source
  • Digital CV meter and note display
  • Attenuverter
  • VCA
  • Polyphonic MIDI-to-CV converter
  • Performance-to-CV converter (Pitch Bend, Modulation, etc.)
  • Sample-and-Hold / Track-and-Hold
  • Quantizer
  • Logic and Maths unit
  • Random number generator
  • Up to 12-output CV splitter


  • 2 channels
  • 4 outputs per channel + an inverse output per channel
  • 4 configurable auxiliary outputs
  • Two 5-digit interactive digital displays
  • Two high-speed graph displays
  • Two secondary displays on the back panel
  • Digital note display
  • Full range CV support
  • CV Multiply inputs
  • Automatable value controls
  • Configurable MIDI-to-CV conversion with retrigger and sustain
  • 4-note polyphony
  • Support for all six performance controllers (Pitch Bend, Modulation, Sustain, Expression, Breath, and Aftertouch)
  • Channel Multiplication and Addition
  • Logic and Maths outputs for: inverse(negation), reciprocal (division), Boolean (“on”/”off”), min, max, and, or, xor, sign, clamp
  • Latch (sample-and-hold) with: 4 modes, CV and MIDI trigger, latch state output
  • Key Snap (quantize) with configurable scale and 21 built-in scale presets
  • Random number generator with reproducible output