Double Dry/Wet

Linear Parallel Mixer

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Simplify your parallel processing with this one easy-to-use device.

Use as your go-to signal mixer for fast fine-tuning. Open up exciting creative possibilities!

Chiefly made for parallel processing: split your audio signal into multiple paths, apply different effects, then mix those signals back together in perfect balance. If you’ve never tried parallel processing, here are some examples:

  • Try adding distortion your instrument, but apply reverb to the unprocessed signal
  • Apply multiple distortion effects, then mix towards the best sound
  • Make a cleaner delay + reverb by putting them in parallel
  • Do parallel (New York) compression – try it with double compressors (New New York?)

Double Dry/Wet makes it easy to create and play with parallel effects, without the fuss of matching levels on a regular mixer. The added CV inputs in version 2.0 give you a new way to modulate parallel signals – hook up a LFO or ADSR to create innovative new sounds!

Thanks to its clever design, Double Dry/Wet can also fill in when you need a quick 1U signal-mixing device. The user manual gives recipes for configuring Double Dry/Wet as:

  • Dual Parallel Dry/Wet Control
  • Dual Serial Dry/Wet Control
  • Crossfader (linear or constant power)
  • 5x Audio Splitter
  • Up to 3x Audio Merger
  • 2-Channel Mixer
  • Gain Control from -∞ up to 18 dB

New in Version 2.0:

  • CV control
  • Internal delay compensation