Currently I’m working on fixing prediction errors in Stick Ninjas.

I’ve been coming up with ideas for fortnightly videos I can do, to slot in between my DevLog videos. And what I came up with is the idea of “Let’s Examine…” videos.

A look at the old (broken) network timing system, and then the new (fixed) network timing system.

I’ve been sick, so not much work done on Stick Ninjas. Mostly refactoring. But I have updated my website, including bringing the forum back.

In todays episode, I show off a whole lot of tiny new features and bug-fixes.

Proof-of-concept gameplay!

Player object now has all of its physics behaviours working across the network.

Physics running over the network! Woohoo!

Day 3: Network and physics engine updates are integrated. Game objects now have a (somewhat broken) presence in the physics engine.

Day two of my series of mini-DevLogs. Today I get an instance of the physics engine running inside of a network session.